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As your kid grows, teaching them personal skills is fundamental. Among them, self-confidence ranks high as a key personality trait that can help your child move at ease in his life. It’s not easy to teach them, just like it is not easy to teach them how to swim. The example is more accurate than you think, as swimming is a great way for your kid to work on his self-confidence. The challenges related to its learning curve make it an excellent practice to reassure themselves. That’s why this article will further explain 10 ways in which swim camps can develop your child’s confidence.

Why should your child join swim camp?

There are plenty of benefits for the child to join a swim camp. Aside from increasing capability in swimming, there are other skills/traits that a child may learn in swim camp. Let’s go through some of them:

  • Autonomy: learning to swim has a lot of parallelisms with learning to walk, only this time, your kid can reflect on it. The fact that children learn to move around on the water will make them want to explore, move around, and apply their swimming skills to discover what they can do, and fend for themselves in a new environment.
  • Cautiousness: though a perfectly safe environment with proper supervision, water entails its risks. As your kid is taught to swim, he/she learns to respect the space, knowing what’s off limits and the hazards of not taking water seriously.
  • Reliability: swimming, like many other disciplines, requires an authority figure who can guide them through the process. Learning to trust an adult is also essential for their learning, and knowing that they can impart knowledge to them helps kids respect their elders. 
  • Discipline: there’s a lot of trial and error in swimming. The technique requires many attempts, and the results do show after a while. Teaching your kid that practice leads to success is fundamental.
  • Tolerance to frustration: the other face of discipline, failing is part of learning how to swim. Doing so in a controlled environment helps your kid cope with failure and understand that it is part of the process. 

All of these traits/skills are key components of your children’s self-confidence. Swimming works on them to reassure your kid.

10 Ways Swim Camps Will Develop Your Kid's Confidence

Swimming is great to boost your kid’s confidence. It contributes in so many ways, showing palpable results in their self-esteem. Let’s list some of them:

  • It will show them the results of their efforts: from struggling to float to be able to move around water, your kid will learn a valuable lesson on effort, letting them know that they can achieve what they put their minds to.
  • It will teach children resilience: the effort of floating around, and staying periods not breathing underwater push children to continue improving, even when they occasionally fail. The good thing is there is always adult supervision, so not only it’s safe but also, your kid will receive tips on how to improve.
  • It can develop a healthy sense of competition: racing around with their friends or trying to beat their own marks, it is good for your children to compete in a non-aggressive environment, boosting their confidence with the results. 
  • It helps kids with their weight and self-esteem: it is important to teach your kid to have a healthy relationship with their bodies. In that sense, swimming is a great exercise, which requires a complementary diet. Swimming can help with work on that and their confidence.
  • It helps children work on their mental health: research has shown that swimming can help your kids deal with stress and anxiety. These issues can appear at a very young age, so it’s important for them to have resources to control them. 
  • It contributes to your kids’ brain function enhancement: regular exercise like swimming helps your mind to focus. At an early age, it is an ideal complement to school. 
  • It boosts confidence through teamwork: swimming involves making friends and being part of a swim team. Having peers that practice the same discipline and motivate your kid will help them feel reassured. 
  • It balances exercise and sleep: swimming uses a lot of energy. Doing the right amount at appropriate times and accompanied by a diet will help your child sleep better. Sleeping is the pillar of mental health, allowing your kid to feel good about him/herself.
  • The risks of injury are considerably less than in other sports: of course, this does not mean that there aren’t any, but the chances of big lesions are notably less, avoiding extended downtime that can affect your kids’ mental health. 
  • Its use goes beyond competition: learning to swim not only is a good sportive activity. It allows your kid to do more plans, like visiting a friend with a pool, going to the beach, or by the river. It helps them not to feel left out, which is a key part of building confidence. 

Join Swim Camp with SGAQUATICS - 5 Days (9am - 4pm)

Now that we understand that swimming is great for your children to feel confident of him/herself, let’s review the best swim camps in Singapore:

Who is it for?

Our Swim Camp is tailored to children between 8 and 12 years of age, and is designed to develop ability in all four competitive strokes, as well as mental aptitude and attitude. There will be 2 water sessions each day, with the goal of improving stroke technique, mental skills, and strategies for competing. Every participant will receive personalised instruction, stroke analysis, land exercises, and tutorials on mental skills. This camp is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date training opportunities available in Singapore, offering Technique, Focus, Strategy, and Confidence.

What is included in Swim Camp with SGAQUATICS

  • Attendees should be able to swim a minimum of 50m without the aid of any flotation device or external help, in the three distinct strokes of Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke. 
  • Competency and an eagerness to enhance their proficiency and performance in the pool are essential for all participants. 
  • On the first day of the camp, all newcomers will be evaluated for their abilities and separated into two learning groups for the swimming part.

Tentative Schedule: Monday – Friday
(registration at 8:30am program starts at 9:00am – 4:00pm)

  • Two Swim Sessions
  • Improve technique and build confidence
  • Make new friends and be part of a community
  • Mindfulness to improve focus and concentration
  • Group activities and games

Conclusion: Why joining a Swim Camp is a great idea for your kid

As a parent, you might want to put your kids to the test with educational situations and activities that will add value to their life in some way. Joining a swim camp is definitely an opportunity that has proved to be beneficial in so many ways, not just for the skill of swimming itself. So don’t hesitate to send your kid to a convenient swimming program that will undoubtedly help him develop crucial skills that he will profit from all his/her life.