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Camp River - Ages 5 to 7 years old

A week for out curious young ones to try new experiences, have fun, and create memories in the company of new friends they meet!

  • Signature 5-Day Holiday Camp
  • Enrolment – $720 (5-days)
  • Monday – Friday
  • 9.00am to 4.30pm
  • Lunch & Snacks Included

Camp Mountain - Ages 8 to 12 years old

For our growing and evolving campers to foster deeper connections with peers as they are challenged with activities suited to their skills and developing interests!

  • Signature 5-Day Holiday Camp
  • Enrollment – $720 (5-days), $920 (5-days, 1 night)
  • Monday – Friday
  • 9.00am to 4.30pm
  • Lunch & Snacks Included


S$720.00 (5-day camp)

S$920.00 (5-day camp w/staycation Thursday )

*Fee includes healthy lunch and snacks

Join us for the holidays!

What to expect:

  • Group activities – indoor and outdoor
  • Daily art projects
  • Daily nature exploration
  • Daily mindfulness and concentration activities
  • Strategies for deep breathing and relaxation
  • Mindful movements – to calm the mind and strengthen the body
  • Games based around learning social-emotional skills


Steven DockterParent - Camp Mountain

Our daughter, 10, loves the mindful camp. More than any other camp that she has done this is the one she is always excited about and will describe and show, unprompted, all of the projects that they have worked on each day. The mindful camp does many things very well. For this reason, we, as parents, also love the mindful camp.

Casiopia LowParent - Camp River

My 7yo boy attend the 5D River Camp at Horse City in Jun 21 and had so much fun that by Thu, he asked me to book another round the next week. The small pods of 4 kids to one instructor helped the kids to assimilate and get into the swing of fun. Kudos to the youthful, energetic and fun loving instructors who made the activities (that kids may have done before) super engaging and enjoyable. Big thanks to teachers Jala and Dinah!!! Amazing team you have!

Rajween KuarParent - Camp Tree

My daughter attended the camp in September 2021 and had such a blast. She would wake up with so much joy in the mornings to get ready for camp. She enjoyed all the activities , especially the field trip to Sprouts Hub and the amazing food and snacks 😂 The organizers did an amazing job keeping the children entertained and communicating with parents. We'll definitely be back next year!!

Ruiting ChenParent, Camp Tree

My 7yo daughter enjoyed the 5days mindful camp a lot, and told me she missed camp only one day after the camp end. She even said " I want to go camp everyday as there are lots of activities". She shared w me that she saw boys crazy chasing the ball, a little boy plays hula hoop amazingly. She cooked w her friends and washes dishes, kids showered a frog and feed chicken with worms etc. There are full of exposures to kids, which seldom appear in school education.

Joanna ChengParent - Camp Mountain

My daughters (8 years and 10 years) had an amazing week with the mindful camp team. They participated in the 1 week camp with the 1 night sleep over option. Over the years we have made our rounds with many different summer camps around Singapore. And my kids have proclaimed the mindful camp is "the best camp EVER" and "nothing can be more fun than the mindful camp".

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